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List of Best 5 Hair Transplant Pune Clinic

We have tried our level best to verify their services and quality based on patient feedbacks. But we suggest you to examine by yourself!

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan (Clear Skin Pvt Ltd)

Dr. Dhananjay Chavan (Clear Skin Pvt Ltd.)

+91 8446766466 / +91 7875 466 466
#C-2 Flat No 5 Shardha Ram Park, Pune Station, Pune - 411001
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
Dr. Vaishalee Kirane's Skin & Hair Clinic Pune

Dr. Vaishalee Kirane's Skin & Hair Clinic

020 2553-5802 / 022 3395-6773
1206/4, Durgashankar Building, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
Nuleaf Skin & Hair Clinic - Pune

Nuleaf Skin & Hair Clinic

+91 9011739011 / +91 9011839011
03, Pushpa Prestige building, Pune Satara Road, Pune 411009.
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
 Richfeel Hair Clinic Aundh Pune

Richfeel Hair Clinic

+91 9022988151 / +91 9022988151
Gaikwadvilla Apt (1st Floor) Office No 2, Aundh, Pune 411027.
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration
Dr Anjali Shere (Hair Science Pune)

Dr Anjali Shere (Hair Science)

+91 9222012105 / +91 9222012106
102, First Floor, City Mall, Near Pune University, Pune
Hair Transplantation Cost, Hair loss, Baldness cure, Hair Restoration

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Get Updated Information about the Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics/Doctors in Pune

You wake up one fine morning and notice thinning of hair. Now, you understand why suddenly your friends have started to make fun of you. Also, you have noticed a change in the behavior of your special someone. Everything is crystal clear now – it is your appearance due to hair loss that is creating a distance between you and your loved ones. You feel low, like crying out loud with no one by your side to comfort you in such a serious situation. Possibly, you need to know about the techniques that would help you once again get back your lost look and confidence and most importantly the trust and love from your special people.

Hair transplantation techniques have indeed helped many people lead a normal life like others with volumes of shining new hair all over their head. Best of hair transplant doctors in Pune are making the impossible possible by assisting people choose the best method (FUT or FUE) for quick hair restoration. While searching for a hair transplant doctor on the internet will bring dozens of results, you need to be careful before finalizing a medical professional. You need to go through the doctor’s background, his/her experience of successfully conducting surgeries in the past as well as read through the patient reviews to make sure you are dealing with the best doctor in Pune.

AdWorld India, a popular online directory provides the name, address, services, and fees of the top 5 hair transplant clinics/doctors in Pune. It makes sure you don’t fall victim in the hands of a bad or inexperienced surgeon.

Reasons Why You Can Trust AdWorld India

  • AdWorld India provides the contact details of only the top 5 experienced, certified hair transplant clinics in Pune.
  • They are proud to be associated with the top hair treatment clinics which are well-known for providing high-class treatment at the most affordable rate.
  • The hair transplant doctors carefully listen to each patient problem and after checking their medical history and performing a few tests, the doctor will suggest a hair restoration method best for him or her.
  • AdWorld India keeps on updating the phone numbers, address, fees of doctors as changed from time to time. So, people will never encounter a problem such as dialing an invalid number or coming across a wrong address any time.

Hair Loss: A Growing Problem and How to Tackle It

Indian men and women are increasingly facing the problem of rapid hair loss in as early as in their 20s and 30s. Doctors find the cause of problem to be stress, pollution, improper diet and weight loss. Excessive weight loss and not taking the right amount of Vitamins, magnesium and iron can lead to bunch of hair fall in both genders.

Fight back stress

The more you get stressed the more is your chance of experiencing a bald look very quickly. So, better you bid goodbye to stress and tension and stay healthy and cool.

You can have lots of whole grains, fish and meat that help to boost your scalp’s ability to produce energy. Stress causes oxidation thereby harming Coenzyme Q10. Consuming whole grains, fish and meat will increase Coenzyme Q10 in your body and decrease hair fall.

Eat well

Don’t stop eating fresh leafy vegetables, food rich in protein, vitamins, iron and minerals. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. So, it is essential for you to consume sufficient amount of protein to stay energetic and healthy. Lack of protein, according to hair transplant doctors, leads to hair loss.

Stop smoking

You have yet one more reason to quit smoking. The carbon monoxide that you inhale prevents the blood from transporting oxygen and key nutrients to the hair follicles. Nicotine present in cigarettes tightens the blood vessels leading to poor blood flow to the head resulting in hair fall.

Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is also not good for your hair. Drinking causes dehydration, preventing the body from absorbing vital nutrients that is essential for hair growth.

Hair Transplantation Surgery to Cure Baldness

You need to consult the best hair transplant doctor or multiple doctors near to you in Pune to get rid of baldness permanently. In addition to genetic defects, thinning of hair can occur because of unhealthy eating habits, stress, pollution, illness, skin diseases, during pregnancy, at the time of menopause, and so on. Hair loss can be very dismaying, and to get rid of this problem, you must get the contact information of only the most reliable and affordable bunch of hair transplant doctors or clinics in your area. Thankfully, AdWorld India has helped a rising number of people of both genders find the right doctors near to them to address their alarming hair fall issue. AdWorld India represented hair transplant clinics/doctors charge the most affordable hair transplant cost in Pune, so you don’t have to count a fortune when paying a visit to any of these clinics.